Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here I am......

So I'm finally here at the crazy blog world. Excited yet scared as to what might come out of this mind that tries its hardest to keep all balled up inside. I will not, I say I will not be responsible for what might appear on this post. All I can say is when you get to know me you will know not to take me seriously at all times. There is a quirk or a quork in my mind that plugs the hole in my head and when it gets jarred around, well I'm just sayin' it could be something goofy to sarcastic but if you have either thought about it or laughed then my job on Earth as we know it is complete. And please don't ever get offended by anything I say. My philosophy on life is "If you can't laugh at yourself for being Human then who can you laugh at?" And then after that the next one would be "Just go with the flow." That is my answer to everything.

Oh and on a side note; I am a religious person and yes at times you will see an inspirational item, verse and such not to help get through this crazy world of ours. Hey wasn't it curiosity that killed the cat or was it what just made the cat go mmmmmmmmmmm ppppppuuuuuurrrrr. Oh and of course different stuff that goes on with and my growing babies.