Monday, July 18, 2011

Look What the Clouds Brought In

Aw summertime... For most, I'm sure you think summertime in California has to be gorgeous with the beaches and mountains. It can't get more than 70 or 80 degrees there right? Ha! You have been watching too much tv or movies. Or perhaps if you have ever visited California it was coastal and not beyond a mountain range. Most of California is a desert which means it can get up to 100-115 degrees during the day and no cooling off in the evenings. Where I live is closer to the desert area so dry, hot, heat is what you get. There are days you see shade under a tree and think ah relief. Further from the truth, there is no wind so dry, hot, heat even in the shade. Well last week we got a break and there was a very overcast and cloudy day. It was actually too cold to wear shorts and I was really wishing I had a sweatshirt. It felt like a normal day at the beach. But I pressed on and took 647 pictures of gemstones. Was able to take some pictures of gemstones that have a high glossy coating and have been really hard to get a shot without all the glare. So this next week I will be re-doing some of the pictures of listings and also listing some new beads for you to enjoy. Here is just a small sample: