Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Back!! On Etsy that is

Yes the title is correct. Beads2string is proudly back on Etsy. And currently trying to get as many beads listed as my hands can handle typing. Right now there are 150 items listed in the store. Oh my do I have some work ahead of me haha, with over a 1,000 items still to list. I am so very excited about this because as I list beads, I get more inspiration because the new pictures look so amazing. 2 beads have already been listed in treasuries and for those that chose my items I am greatful.

This new or re-newed adventure is inspiration and a blessing. If some have wondered what the heck happened to the store on Etsy it was just gone. I do apologize for that. After being unemployed, moving, a computer that died on me Beads2string was closed. It was truly not my intention to disappear as I loved the time on Etsy and getting to know some of my customers, who are all wonderful. Well a lot has happened and good times and blessings are ahead. I took it to prayer and the decision was made. With the help of the wonderful Etsy staff, my store is back up and can't wait to bring you good deals on beads again. With every order that comes in I lift it up and give thanks for the blessings, not only for me but for you. I want to bring you wonderful beads at great prices so that you can make a good profit on your jewelry designs.

Oh and the best for you is giving some thanks back to my customers with 20% off good through the end of February by using the coupon code: givethanks2013 at checkout. (discount will only be given if the coupon is used at the time of checkout on Etsy)

Here is a peek at some of the beads that have already been listed: