Sunday, October 20, 2013

Find Beads2string on Zibbet

Have been working for the past month on giving you another place to shop online. Made a commitment to fellow artisans to have Beads2string with you on Zibbet for this next year. As you are trying to get your shops and eggs in another basket I decided it was only right to join you. So far have about 680 beads listed and will be working on getting about 1,000 more listed.

I will be helping you advertise your new stores over on twitter so if you don't already follow and tweet your items, go on over and let's help everyone. You can find me at Any time I see your items that are listed on twitter I will be retweeting as more of a priority. In fact, even if it isn't items on Zibbet but a different venue or your stand alone site you can find me retweeting to spread your items around the world. Good luck to everyone and their new shops, may we all stop just surviving and start thriving.
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