Saturday, March 21, 2009

ArtFire Here I Come

Have debated a long time whether to expand and include ArtFire or not. Kept going to the site looking and exploring what there is to be offered to sellers. Everything looked good, but was good, too good to be true? Well it is still in the Beta stage so only time will tell. Decided to give it a chance and see how it will be. Well once I joined was able to see that sellers are able to easily do a sale for their shop at a % off. That in itself made me excited. This is one reason I'm eventually going to expand and Beads2string will be a website on its own. (I said eventually). The first week I was trying to get the feel of the site and only put up about 10 items. Since that time they have upgraded the search engine and a Buyer can search within your own store. That is awesome, stupendous, crackalackin! Way to go ArtFire, hope this kind of thing will continue which will benefit everyone.

So have been continually updating photos and am ready to do a super charged, sit down, shut up and hold on listing rampage this weekend. My intentions will be to get a few hundred items listed this weekend. Then next week get a few more hundred items listed and just have a Grand Opening Spring Sale. Just have to decide what % off to go crazy with. Can't wait to finally have an easy and pleasing Sale experience for Customers.

May I just say Thank You ArtFire
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