Saturday, September 19, 2020

What Has Been Going on at Beads2string

Great things have been happening with Beads2string. A brand new website has been designed with you in mind. Come check it out at if you haven't already done so. You will be able to have a log in to keep track of your orders and wish lists. (You can also checkout as a guest if you prefer.) Hoping this will bring you an even better shopping experience. If you encounter any mishaps please let me know so it can get checked out. This new website will also help to offer coupons, promotions, gift cards and more. The new website also provides 2 ways to browse categories, either from the home page with the pictures that depict each category or you can also utilize the category menu on the top of the page. The top menu will be able to be accessed from each page of the website. When shopping, you will be able to see the quantity available right on that page; previous host did not allow this option. I love that you can create wish lists to help you shop for your different jewelry designs.

You will be able to pay for your purchase with a credit card, PayPal, and PayPal credit as you choose. Eventually there will also be a way for you to shop and pay later (still deciding on which host to use for that). I know what it is like to want to expand your inventory but capital can be low, so buy now pay later payment plans are a great way to grow your business.

Psst.... and that isn't all. There are hundreds of new beads for you to shop for. Beads will be getting listed through out the rest of the year so have patience with me please. It will definitely be worth the wait. There are more vintage beads and cabochons, glass beads, acrylic beads, Czech beads, gemstones and findings.

Thank you for staying around and shopping with Beads2string for all of these years. I hope for the future that we can both continue to grow and support each other and keep handmade alive for years to come. I am not just someone who jumped in the supply game just to sell beads like some of the other shops. I've been designing jewelry and selling it since 1990. Beads2string has been selling jewelry supplies and craft supplies since 2007. I have seen the craft malls come and go over the years. The DIY craze has been back for a few years and with the support of each other we can get it to continue. This is my passion and your are my inspiration.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Flash Bead Sale

Shhh... if you are seeing this hurry on over to Bead2string on ebay for a first time ever Crazy Bead SALE!! It will only last for a few days. Glass beads, acrylic beads, jewelry findings are up to 50% off. Don't know if or when prices will ever be this low again. Sale prices are running from $1.15 - $1.50. This flash bead sale will only last until Wednesday 3/14/2018 with some auction listings ending on Sunday and Monday. Hurry over and get beads while they last at these crazy prices. Go shop here now ===>>  Bead2string @ ebay

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Craft Beginning...

So excited to announce more items are being added to; to be exact, craft supplies. The heart of Beads2string is to create, to craft, to imagine. The end goal has always been to be a supplier to a multitude of craft ideas. This website initially began with jewelry supplies and will now expand in to other creative endeavors for your shopping experience. The left side navigation menu on the website will show what items will be listed. Currently we are working on getting handmade die cuts, paper flowers, ribbons, and a variety of floral supplies listed. When inventory has been added for a certain category in the craft supplies a new post for "This Just In.." will be added to the blog to let you know those items are now available to shop in the store. Here is a sneak peek of a few items that will soon be available to add to your shopping experience.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This Just In... Flower Beads

Don't you just love flowers? It is so much fun to incorporate flowers into jewelry. The creativity of bringing the colors and different styles of flowers can bring earrings, necklaces, hair clips, and bracelets to life. There are a variety of mediums to choose from when it comes to flower beads and cabochons: acrylic, resin, clay, metal, glass. How about using your own style and creativity to mix and layer different mediums. This week I've been working on getting more flowers posted at for you. Here is just a sample of what is currently available for acrylic flowers:

Pink Calla Lily Flowers
Blue Clematis Flowers
Orange Tulip Bell Flowers

Sunday, July 16, 2017

What Has Been Going on at Beads2string Update

First, let me apologize for being MIA far too long. As you can see blogging went on the back burner as I've been revamping the website. I've learned a lot about web design and have been able to bring a better look and hopefully a better shopping experience to the site over the past year. Hoping the soft gray choices in color will help bring out the colors of the beads for you along with being easy on the eyes. There are now two ways to shop categories; from the left menu or scrolling along the center of the home page. With the center home page categories this will also help continue to grow mobile shopping customers so future growth can continue all around. All of the categories on the left menu are set up as to what items will be available in the future. Currently the main categories of beads are available and ready to shop. In regards to the craft supply items, they will continually be listed through out the next few months. Once more of the craft items are ready to shop, will be adding their categories to the center home page area for you. Am hoping to continually grow the craft supply sections as the year moves ahead. There will be a plethera of ribbons, trims, party supplies, floral supplies, and wedding supplies. There will also be a handmade die cut section that will be directly made by TheKraftyPlace aka Beads2string.

Updates on websites where Beads2string can be found... So it was a long and hard decision to close Beads2string on Etsy last year. It was with great amount of tears that it was finally let go. Beads2string began the journey in 2007 on Etsy and had a blast while it lasted. I thank every one of you that made a purchase there. I won't go in to the why's of the decision as every one will have their own opinion as to what has been happening on Etsy the last few years. I've been around long enough to see the highs and the lows of retail both online and in person. Some will say there are theories and others will say it is an ebb n' flow of the business. Those that "get it" will get it and those that don't, won't "get it" until it happens to them. I am just grateful to all my customers who were patient and followed as I've grown this new website to where it is now and hope you will be excited for the future as I am to where the journey will take it. So for the next year at least I will be concentrating on and will continue to have up and running. Occasionally items get listed on ebay at Bead2string.

In regards to TheKraftyPlace, for now will continue to be up and running. The main goal this year will be concentrating on moving all the craft supply items over here to to gain a greater online audience. By getting the craft items here, am hoping the shopping audience will truly love what is offered so that I may continue to grow the craft inventory.

Crafting in general is in my blood and runs deep in my family. If you have ever read my back story you will have seen I began at a young age when my Grandma made ceramics and gave some to me to paint. Then my Grandpa made a dollhouse and the creativity for making was ignited. In high school I began the love of floral design. By my 20's I was then designing and selling my jewelry. At this stage in my life where I find myself to be in the mist of several chronic invisible diseases it has not only been a joy but a way of life to be able to once again create and bring supplies to customers around the world. By Grace and mercy I have made designing creativity a way of income not just for myself but for others around the world that needed a way to make an extra source of money. I can only hope that this blessing can continue for many years to come for both you and me.

~ ~ Imagination is greater than knowledge. Albert Einstein

~ Always be full of expectancy. You never know what the day will bring and if this will be the day, so always think... "I'm expecting something good to happen today."  May this day bless you and keep you filled.

Friday, July 1, 2016

July Update for

This year is going to be the year of growth at So far to date half of the jewelry making supplies inventory for beads and findings have been listed. Will continue towards the rest of the inventory getting listed for you. Along with the continued hunt for more new treasures to offer.

Over the years it has been such a pleasure to hunt and find great jewelry making supplies to help you imagine and create beautiful designs for your own business or pleasure. In 2013, the hunt continued in a different craft direction to include floral supplies, wedding and party supplies along with general craft supplies. Also included homemade die cuts and confetti. It has been wonderful to see this side of the business continue to grow so that the hunt for more great deals can be found for you. The decision has been made to expand and include the inventory from This will help to bring the vision of a craft super store that will have many departments to fit the niche craft supplies you are looking for.

I have always wanted a craft store since a little kid. While you were playing house with baby dolls, I was playing store. When Beads2string began in 2007, never imagined the possibility of making my craft store a reality. With your continued support over the years it is actually coming together more than I ever dreamed. Currently you can see the growth occurring by watching the inventory grow with the help of the left side menu options. To thank you for shopping during the growth please take 10% off your purchase by using coupon code: thankyou10. ** In order to get the discount please input the coupon code at checkout, the discount can not be applied after the purchase has been completed.**  (This discount offer is available for a short amount of time.)

Here is to all future peace, happiness, and success.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This Just In... New Opaque and Picasso Czech Glass Beads

This is the year for expansion at Beads2string. There will be many expansions during the coming months like more beads, finishing the new main website, adding all inventory to current venues. Right now though, is new beautiful inventory with Czech glass beads. Have some really great colors for opaque and the picasso coated beads. Also, the fabulous new birds egg coated beads. Different sizes for druk and fire polished glass beads. Currently all new inventory will be listed at Beads2string on Etsy; then with in the next few months will be listed at all the venues Beads2string is on. As always with the "This just in" blog posts here are a few sneek peaks at what is currently being listed...