Friday, May 8, 2009

ArtFire Studio is Starting to Come Along

Yes I have finally taken the plunge. Realize my ArtFire Studio for Beads2string has been sitting empty for the last couple of months. Didn't want to start listing beads without getting the store front set up first. Noticed categories are listed alphabetically so it was a matter of how did I want the titles to be named. Was also working on the look of the banner for the Studio. Think it is all coming together.

I am now at the point where an endless amount of time is being taken to list all of the findings, beads, stones. Wish I could magically say "poof" in my sleep and wake up to find everything listed. Wouldn't that be a wonderful dream? Hey my office decor is Disney so "Dreams can come true?" haha.

On a side note it really was my intention to have the Studio all listed and ready to go for May so I could use that fun %off discount button that ArtFire provides. I am learning in life that with CFS, Fibro, Hypothyroid time lines are just an outline and not a set schedule. Once a few hundred items are listed I will announce a Grand Opening Sale for Beads2string on ArtFire. It will be a 20% discount on items when the sale does happen. But just think, at that time you will be able to shop from a bigger variety of findings and am also bringing cameos to the store.
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