Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Just In - - Cameos

So very happy to announce that Beads2string is now carrying a variety of plastic cameo cabochons for your designing pleasure. This is only the beginning of what the stores will carry. In the future I will also be getting the cameo settings in different finishes also. But have to start somewhere right? Here are a few pictures to give you a taste of what you can go shopping for.

Going to begin to use this new Post Title "This Just In" to let you know what new items will be coming available at Beads2string stores. Most new items usually get put up first on Etsy at this time. Only reason being, that it is the store which is full in stock. Once my other two venues: ArtFire and website are fully stocked this will change. So when that happens I will try to let you know what is what and when, where, and why is that. So if you have a preference of where you shop at Beads2string and the new items are not yet stocked there yet, just send me an email and request the item be listed.
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