Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's in the Making??

I have created many different crafty things over the years. Started making jewelry um how many years ago? Oh man, hurts to think back that far haha but 2 decades ago. Even before that as a child was always making something. I began to paint on ceramics (made by my Grandma) when I was in elementary school. In my 20's I worked at a circus painting on sculptures of clowns, Disney, Warner Bros characters. Best job I ever had; well compared to where I am now. A few years ago I combined both talents of jewelry and painting and started designing pendants. I've had a lot of "ooo's" and "aahhh's" with my pendants and it was just lately that a friend said I need to put them available in the Beads2string stores. Wow stupid me, why didn't I think of that. So this is what I'm currently working on. A lot of the pendants that will be used are from what I currently have in the store; just spruced up a little. Some have faux patina's and some have a little more for your artistic flare. I am not going to set a specific date when they will arrive in the stores as it honestly will depend on how the fibromyalgia lets me use my hands. I usually only do 1 or 2 on occasion but this is bringing me back to the time I worked in the circus and painted by the piece work method. But I'm excited to bring you a variety of colors with pendants that you can use in your designs.

Also now that I'm moved into my new townhouse I'm going to be working on more flowers and leaves that you have been asking for. I do apologize for my supply being limited at this time. Oh and going to do some aging on the raw brass I carry so you have more options to purchasing raw or being oxidized. So be looking forward to all of the new goodies soon.