Monday, November 22, 2010

Change Up for Chat on ArtFire

Live chat is still available when you visit Beads2string on Artfire; however, I've done a little change. No longer will the chat box be provided by AIM. Instead the chat box is now brought to you by Yahoo's Messenger Pingbox. This system will give better functionality to the live chat option. If you utilize the chatbox you can choose to use your Yahoo IM account or be a guest account. If you are an ArtFire member or previous customer, please just let me know who you are.

Ok so the real reason behind this change is that the AIM chat would come up in a different tab on my browser window. If I am in deep thought listing beads I may not realize or see the blinking tab. (hey I am blonde and have a 30 second delay haha). With the Yahoo pingbox it acts just like the Yahoo Messenger and comes up in a pop up box on my window so all around it will help to better assist your concerns. And a big bonus with the Pingbox is you can set cute backgrounds for the chat box. Now with that option alone how could I refuse?
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