Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pictures... A Growing Step

Ok so if you don't already know, I'm obsessed with the pictures on all the beads, gemstones, jewelry findings at Beads2string. Through the years you can see the difference right here on the blog with the evolution of product pictures. The following questions usually go through the mind when deciding on the photography look of the store:

Do you have an object in the background?
Should you use different bright colored backgrounds to look fresh and funky?
Should you use a classic black background or perhaps a white background?

Originally started with white backgrounds and then went for some changes. Tried the different color backgrounds and it was fun, but just not the over all look I wanted for the stores. Really loved the look of the black background. Think it was more artistic and classy. In most pictures also had included an object that the beads were draped on. Started to browse around and realized that if Beads2string was going to expand even bigger across the world the pictures needed to be uniform in look. Although, the black was artsy fartsy I needed to be able to grab a window shoppers attention, bring them into the store, and really let the beads speak for themselves. If you look at most of the big bead guys they have the white background and in a way it does look more professional. Plus there are studies out there that indicate more people click through to the website with white backgrounds.

So there you have it... white backgrounds it is. Though stones like moonstone, quartz will have to be done on a different color so you can see it as we all know white on white is a little hard to see haha. It would be so simple to go back to those pictures if only. ARGH! Yes, all of those pictures were lost when my computer took a nose dive. For the past 2 years I've been trying to recapture the beautiful pictures that once were. Kept getting red or blue hues. Just couldn't get the look that was originally there. Believe this to be the key to why I lost my gumption, my pizazz, motivation to get hundreds of beads listed. But there is an ah and a very big AHH!! to this story. Recently received a piece of furniture from a friend. I looked at it and said hmmm wonder how pictures would turn out. Well guess what, they are fabulous. Just the thing to get my gumption, pizazz, and motivation back to bring you beautiful treasures of the earth, marvels of glass and metal to create your work of art. Here is a couple of sneak peeks at the new and improved photos that will be going up.

Wow, even making this post and seeing the above pictures is making me excited. That is just what I need to keep Beads2string alive and grow to the next step. Just can't wait for the next growth spurt and be able to bring you even more wonderful treasures.
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