Friday, November 30, 2012

Porcelain Beads New Addition

So excited to announce a new category section for the website stores. Just got in a box of porcelain beads for you at a special price. Pictures have been taken, edited, and listings are going up. This means I can bring large porcelain beads to your inventory for a great price. You know how I love to look for deals and pass them on. So with this new addition there has to be a change with the homepage categories on the website. There will now be a picture for the porcelain bead category on the homepage. The decision has been made to move the "vintage bead" category into the "plastic lucite resin bead" category. From there, sub-categories for "vintage lucite beads" and "vintage plastic beads" will be added to the over all plastic category. For the ArtFire store and store there will be a new "porcelain bead" section.

Really hope that you enjoy the selection of porcelain beads I was able to obtain. This is just the beginning and a test run to see what beads you really like. I will continue to search for more beautiful porcelain beads to add to the new inventory selections. Here is a sneek peak at some of the new porcelain beads to browse through:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Just In... More Bead Inventory

Hi all, just popping in to let you know that the Beads2string stores will be growing again, with inventory that is. Have a lot of different beads that just arrived and will be working this month on taking pictures so that the beads can get listed for you. As you can see below have a variety of gemstones and new flower cabachons for you. Also a 6 different acrylic flower beads to create beautiful jewelry with. Was able to get different colors in dyed howlite skulls which will be so fun to create with. Can't wait to get some good pictures and start working on the listings. Today just got 2 boxes of glass beads, glass pearls, shell beads, and porcelain beads. So there will be a new category showing up at the bead stores for porcelain beads this month. If you have been looking for larger porcelain beads for pendants, well they will be up soon.